Twiddy Vacation Rentals

Produce Bags

P1 Provisions produce bags are filled with fresh food grown and harvested by local farmers. These bags are filled and delivered on Saturday of each week and made available for pick up at a convenient location upon your arrival at the destination. Each of these bags will contain about 10 pounds of fresh produce. This typically amounts to 12 servings of fruit and vegetables for the week. The farmers will reach out to you a few days before your arrival to share what’s in season and the types of items you can expect in your bag.

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What About COVID-19?

We realize there are many unanswered questions about timing right now. If you are unable to come on vacation due to COVID-19 - no worries. In lieu of refunds and in the spirit of people helping people during challenging times, the produce bags will be donated to local families and individuals working in the tourism industry who may be struggling because of the impact of sheltering and closure orders. We know many of you visit our beach year after year, often forming awesome connections with the locals and building a relationship with the place itself. Your investment and generosity will help keep this community strong throughout this season of change.

How To Purchase

  1. Create your order by selecting bag quantities from the list of pickup dates (the first day of your vacation week).
  2. Click 'Add to cart'.
  3. Review your order and go to checkout.

Invoice and Pickup Details

After purchase, we'll send you an invoice and pickup details in separate emails.